Thursday, July 12, 2012


enjoying these summer days with my boys - a lot.
making lots of lists of things to do, around the house, this summer, my business.
using Lightroom for the first time, hello learning curve.
feeling two steps behind in everything lately hoping to change that.
spending time doing fun things like blanket forts with the boys.
checking camera gear for Friday.
pleased with the wonderful comments from Siobhan on their family photos. (coming to the blog soon)
finding that we need to move more - swimming today helped.
loving being home with no school - not looking forward to going back in september.
eating breakfast for dinner.
sleeping in late these days plus naps.
writing content for my new photography website.
watching Tom & Jerry episodes with Jake.
spending as little money as possible these days.
planning a camping trip and mini sessions with Momstown.
relieved that the humidity has been relatively normal this week.
racing night for bill he's at the track taking photos of the invitational with Pam.
preparing for doctor's appointments in the morning.
smiling at Ian's new found love of reading.
*inspired by Tina and Elise

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