Monday, June 11, 2012

baby j | barrie newborn photography

This is baby J.  He's a very sweet little boy who holds a special place in my heart, and he's now 3.

I often find I'm so focused on my clients photos that I neglect my own. While working on content for my new portfolio update for the website I realized that some of my favourite images, my own images sat backed up in their folder untouched. Granted back when J was born I was recovering from a cesarean section and headed straight into wedding season with back to wedding when he was only 9 weeks old. So it was a busy time. 

However, that being said I want to remind parents how important it is to take the time to capture these images.  Sure I was able to go back and process my images and get them ordered for his album now, but if I hadn't taken the time to do this?  Moments like this with him would just be a distant memory.

Now even though I'm a photographer, I take the time now to hire fellow photographers to photograph my family.  It's important that I get in the photo and that our family is captured as a whole.  Not just in parts.  I'm a huge everyday type photographer but I like to have someone take the time to capture our family for me.  If we were ever to have another child, I would even hire someone to do newborn photos because if you've ever shot a newborn session, and had a cesarean section, you would understand putting those two together isn't very productive.  Rather, its painful and frustrating.

I'm truly blessed to be able to take moments and freeze them in time for my clients.  I love what I do and I am so lucky to be able to share what I do with all of you.  So to all my readers take the time out of your schedule and have someone capture your family today, tomorrow.  Seize the day.  These moments in life are so fleeting, life changes far too quickly and often drastically.


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