Monday, January 31, 2011

new 52 :: week four :: tutus

This coming weekend I get the pleasure of photographing a sweet little girl just before her first birthday. I started thinking about the session as I usually do, plan, think of the things I want to bring, the type of images Mom & Dad want to capture, what I want to capture.

So I got this idea in my head, something I've done with newborns but never on a toddler, or rather a toddler-to-be. I wanted a tutu, but the session was less than a week away, to late to order anything. I don't have any local vendors. So what's a girl to do? Make her own tutu.

I started with a lot of tulle and an idea. Bill and Jake followed me around our local fabric store, I chatted up the ladies there getting thoughts. Then thanks to my good friend Carrie, better known as Scrapchick, she sent me a how to video that showed me a simple way to create my own tutu. We may have shared a giggle over my pile of tulle.

So I set to work to make this prop for myself, and after maybe after about 30 to 45 minutes I had a beautiful flowing tutu for my session. That's my something new for this week and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I cannot wait to do this session. Watch for a sneak peak this weekend.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

currents | saturday edition

listening: to the hum of my hard drive transferring data
eating: pretzels
drinking: neocitrin
wearing: warm and cozy jammies
feeling: content
weather: still cold, more snow
wanting: a backdrop stand for next session
needing: see above, oh and to feel better
thinking: of ideas for the two lil persons I have sessions coming up for and brainstorming ideas
enjoying: a little HGTV on demand
wondering: how April is doing

Thursday, January 27, 2011

new 52 :: week three :: eyeglasses


Eyeglasses. My first pair. EVER. Back in December I thought I had pink eye, or allergies. Within 48 hours drops I normally used weren't working and I waited in the cold in a line up for an hour to get into the clinic on a Sunday morning. Different drops, no driving, also means no work. After about 5 days of Dr's I had to see an optometrist or go the the ER. It was a long and scary two weeks. My eye was so swollen I couldn't open on my own for Dr. Jake to look at it. He treated my eye for a few days and asked when the last time I had my eyes checked were. Um, well, geez. I was 16. So 15 years ago. He's like lets get this resolved and book in for an exam in the new year.

So I booked us all in for exams last week. Ian was up first, his vision was great. He was happy no glasses for him. Although seeing him try them on anyhow, he totally would rock a pair. Then it was my turn. I've been having a hard time with night driving lately but I figured since being off for a year and not driving much at all I would just get used to it. Turns out I'm nearsighted and have a mild astigmatism. Who knew? Not me! I honestly thought when he was doing the flipping of glass back and forth, when it would go clear it was plain glass. I didn't know he was going to tell me I had these things or that I needed glasses.

So there you have it, my new 52 for this past week was glasses. I can't wait to get them!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

project life | the first three weeks

Project Life is a wonderful year long project created by Becky Higgins. It's a way to capture your life every day over a year, it's a glimpse into our lives, moments captured. Something I hope to do every year for my family. This also ties into Project 365, a well known wide spread project where you take a photography each day.

Here's my take on these two project as they go hand in hand.

I plan on trying to take a photo every day, it doesn't have to be technically perfect, it doesn't have to be from my good camera, and I don't have to be the one to take it. Life is busy, I get that and if I don't have a photo for that day, then it's going to be ok. Some days I might need to include two photos to really show the story as it progressed.

I plan on keeping the journaling simple, some days I'll have a lot to say, some days I won't. Some days I'm going to get someone else like Bill or Ian to write. You'll see a close up of one of Ian's cards in week two right hand page. I plan to slip in some of my instax mini shots, receipts, movie stubs, parking stubs. Lots and lots of the stuff life is made of. Like Ian's school work from week one.

I plan to use different additional page protectors, like 8.5x11, 6x12, full 12x12. Some customized pages too. I want this to be a living family journal for all of us to use over the year. I want it to stay simple and easy over the course of the year. I am really looking forward to having a place for all the bits of stuff I collect over the year. Instead of in a box waiting for me to scrap.

Here is a look at my album so far, you'll notice in week three it's incomplete because life is busy and I have two crazy boys. So I plan on wrapping it up with week four. I tucked in a note of things I needed to do to complete it as a reminder. Hope you enjoy and follow along as we go.

week one - full spread

week one - left page

week one - centre page

week one - back of centre page

week one - right page

week two - left page

week two - full spread

week two - right page

week three - right page in progress

week three - right page in progress

week three - full spread

Sunday, January 23, 2011

currents | sunday edition

listening: NHL 2K9 on the wii and the crackling of the fire we have going

eating: nothing

drinking: cup of tea

wearing: many many many layers of clothing, it's -26 right now without the windchill

feeling: mellow

weather: FREEZING (yes still)

wanting: to have a nap

needing: to go out for milk, bread, tea, rice and photos

thinking: that I really should leave now while Jake is sleeping, but it's sooooo cold out.

enjoying: warmth of the sun coming through the window, warmth coming from the fireplace

wondering: if the jeep is going to start because it's so cold, and how much a block heater for it would be.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

baby william | newborn photography | barrie photographer

Just before Christmas I was invited to Virginia and Jeff's home back to photography their newest member of their family, Baby William.

There is nothing more that I like better than photographing newborns. If I could fill my day with photographing and processing newborn sessions I would. It's pure joy. JOY.

Photographing William in comparison to his big sister Emma was a totally different experience. Emma was wide awake, didn't mind to be undressed, she watched me the entire time. Will, liked to be warm, was a lot more laid back, decided he was ok with sleeping through most of our time together. 

I couldn't be more happier than I am with his images. I am looking forward to going back again when he's a little older and the weather is a little warmer to capture the four of them together as a family.

Without further adieu, Baby William.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

new 52 :: week two :: stitching on a paper layout


Here we are with week two over with, and I really wasn't sure at first what would be new this week. I was trying to live in the moment see what came around. Every day passed much like the others, work, dinners, kids, photos, scrapping, dogs, breakfasts, crazy toddler antics.

I did have a goal this week, that was to create a paper layout. Something I don't do very often anymore because I love to digi scrap. Plus it's a lot more messy and with my crazy toddler, did I mention crazy toddler yet, its a mess I don't like to get into with him. Like I said he's crazy and the two don't mix well. Even if I do have the last 5 months of Studio Calico kits sitting in my drawer waiting to be loved and used.

Sometimes I just like cutting and pasting and having it all work out in the end and that's what happened this weekend. I had picked up the current issues of Scrapbooks Etc and loved the quick sketches it has in the back of the book. I love each one of them. Since I'm quite often a template girl anyhow. I rolled with it. In the example layout one of the pieces of paper is stitched. Well, I have a sewing machine now. I've always admired stitched layouts, I use stitching in my digi pages. So I busted out my Singer and went to work. I have to say I'm in love, and I think I need to do more paper layouts just to put this into action because well, it just rocks.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


listening: hockey night in Canada

eating: nothing

drinking: cup of tea

wearing: green knit shirt, black leggings and a green sweater for extra warmth

feeling: energetic

weather: FREEZING

wanting: to scrap some paper layouts

needing: a smaller heart punch and more page protectors, oh and my two peas order to arrive :)

thinking: how quiet it is with Jake in bed this early and Ian being at his Dad's

enjoying: today, its a good day

wondering: if its going to stop snowing soon

This post was inspired by Tina and you can find her HERE and a few other places. She's a fantastic scrapper, photographer and writer. Be sure to check out her blog.

Monday, January 10, 2011

new 52 :: week one :: pinhole photography

I decided to join the new 52 concept and see if I could at least try some new things in 2011. Peppermint and Christine are the ones behind this project. The basic concept is each week to try something new. Simple right? 52 weeks = 52 new things.

Change is good. I am trying to keep an open mind, and trying to embrace change . Even if I don't do something new each week, even if it's something simple I want to give it a shot. I plan to make a mini book with the item at the end of the year. It'll be interesting to see how many things I do end up trying. I think I need to make a list, or maybe I should just go with the flow? We'll see how it plays out. I've already in the last year changed careers and learned to drive standard so should be easy right?

For this week something I have been wanted to try for a very very long time is pinhole photography. I have a couple of links I had saved about making a film one and was all set to do so until I found THIS. OK so we all know Photojojo is pretty awesome and they sell pretty neat things for camera and photog enthusiasts like myself. So, I just happened to get one for Christmas. I tried it for the first time this past week. I love it, I need to work on it more, and apparently clean my sensor but I love it. I love even more that the images are digital.  Here are my first few images.




Sunday, January 02, 2011

Celebrating a Year of Memories

Happy First Birthday Magoo WEB, originally uploaded by TaraMcK.
I am very lucky to be a part of the creative team over at The Daily Digi. An amazing resource for digi scrappers new and old. I am always surprised at how talented my team members are, and love the amazing product TDD offers each month.

Celebrating a Year of Memories is a collaborative effort by 20 designers that contributed to The Digi Files over the past year (Sept '09 - Sept '10).

This kit offers:

226 Elements
76 Papers
1 ABR brush set
5 Alphas
2 Layered Templates
1 ScrapIt Layout Action

It's really a fantastic collection that I had great fun using. Be sure to stop by The Daily Digi and check it out for yourself. Even better, sign up for a subscription and you'll be sure to not miss a month or the special collabs only for subscribers!


Get Your Digi Game On


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